Holiday Tips to Tioman Island


Visiting Tioman Island can be a pleasure because of its natural wonders and rich coral reefs. Surrounded by clear and pristine water, this is indeed one of the most perfect vacation getaways anyone can imagine. However, you should take note of some matters if you are planning your trip here.

Best time to visit Tioman Island

You would be advised to visit Tioman Island around the middle of the year. Anytime between February to October is fine while the May to August would be ideal when the island experiences the dryer seasons. If you must come during the year end monsoon, it would be best to check the availability and the current weather as it can be quite heavy at times.

What to bring when you visit Tioman Island?

Flying in using Berjaya Air will limit your luggage to 10kgs. This means that you should travel as light as possible. In fact, you should bring basic clothing and daily necessities that are sufficient for your stay. Light clothing would be required especially if you plan to head out to the jungles or into the beach areas.

Health concerns

Basically, Tioman Island is very safe. When you go snorkelling or scuba diving, be wary of cuts when you hit the some corals which if left untreated could turn septic and cause infections. Triggerfish is another concern as they can be very territorial during the mating season and could cause injuries. The local tour guide and scuba instructors will guide you on this and you are 100% safe with them.

Tioman Island Culture

Generally, the locals in Tioman Island are very friendly. They might not be big in numbers but the Malays are Muslims which mean that you need to be mindful and sensitive to their customs.

Avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing when you are in their midst while you should find out and observe the traditions that they practice in their communities as well. If you are unsure, it is polite to ask instead of making assumptions which can be offensive.